The Story Behind
Beyond (615)

Contemporary Christian music was born in Nashville, TN - in the (615) area code. Todd says, "Without artists there would be no record labels.  Without record labels there would be no songs. Without songs there would be no radio stations." It truly is a circle of life.  So, the concept of Beyond (615) was born.  

In 2021, Todd began that journey to help grow the greatest message and songs Beyond (615) and into local communities.

With 25+ years of experience and success including Chief Creative Officer, General Manager, Program Director, Music Director, on-air in every daypart, talent coach, and culture creator, Todd has built a reputation of passion, kindness, patience, honesty, and authenticity.

Having worked in large markets of Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and in small markets of Mansfield, OH, Fort Myers, FL,, then at the network level at WayFM in Nashville, TN, he understands small market radio (has a heart for the underdog) and how the same pieces fit together in much larger stations. 

His passion is to guide people and brands build more confidence so that they can make deeper relationships for greater impact.  

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If you don’t grow I won’t sleep well.

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