Clients & Client Projects

You can see current and former clients and client projects on this page. When conversations lead to connections, great brands turn into habits. None of this would be possible without years of encouragement from family, leaders, influencers, and teammates. For that they deserve honor.

Beyond Honor

My wife Hillary - for being my biggest fan, for believing in me, and for helping me believe in myself.

My kids Bailey, Summer & Sky - for being understanding when we moved, for always wanting to go to work with dad, and for being patient with me when I strived to have work/life balance.

My parents Bob & Pam - for being steady encouragement throughout the years and for always being willing to lend a hand at each new house.

My in-laws Bud & Patti - for being gracious and supportive with each move over the years, and for being a refuge when we needed it.

My dog Chester - for the unnecessary barking at the front door that helps me concentrate harder.

I love you all (even you Chester)!

Jim Leightenheimer - for teaching me about radio, helping me see possibilities, and for giving me direction when I needed it most.  Jim serves his students with a quiet confidence and respect.

Vern Baldwin - for giving a snot-nosed kid a chance at his first job in radio. Vern treated me like family and showed me the importance of running a business.

Bob Augsburg - for seeing leadership qualities in me, giving me a shot at a job that was beyond my experience, and the freedom to do the job.  Bob modeled trusting God for everything.

Matt Hahn - for hiring me, not once but twice, and for cheering me on when life was tough.  Matt knows how to build a team and get the job done.

Dan Baughman - for spending countless hours wrestling, dreaming, trusting, adjusting, and helping to build the greatest work culture I've ever been a part of. Dan showed me vision, striving for excellence, and putting the team first.

Faron Dice - for wrestling through decisions and for always reminding me of what we were called to do.  Faron exemplified the heart and passion to serve others.

Joel Denver - for cheering me on and for giving me a platform as I started this business.  Joel has been nothing but supportive, an example of thinking outside of the box, and leading with a commitment to excellence.

Bill Montgomery - for introducing me to radio in the Spring of 1991.  Then, for answering the call of moving back to Columbus, OH to join The River team.  We spent countless hours wrestling, collaborating, and trying to find common ground for a client and listener win.

John Frost - for bringing mainstream radio strategies and tactics to the Christian format.  John always asked, "what are you trying to accomplish?"  He and I worked together at three different stations.  John always carried himself with the utmost professionalism.

Chuck Finney - for being patient with me as I questioned the norm and pushed the boundaries.  Chuck lived out kindness and understanding.

Alan Mason - for thinking big, being a change agent, and for not making me feel like an idiot.  He stayed on as a consultant when he didn't have to when he went to work at EMF - for that I'll be forever grateful.  He was literally the smartest person in the room, but he never carried himself that way.  Alan modeled humility and molded many aspects of my career.

Tommy Kramer - for always being really honest.  Tommy coached me or my teams at two different stations.  I've sat through hours of coaching sessions and still felt like I learned something new every time. Tommy was always gracious as he taught the nuances of being a great on-air talent - a good neighbor.

Tim Miles - for transforming the way I viewed leadership.  Tim and his sister Lynn gave us the tools to change our workplace culture.  He showed me that your product, marketing, and financial growth all start by treating your team as your #1 customer. Tim showed me that leaders can have a heart, serve with humility, and model failing forward. 

Tate Luck - for brainstorming and talking through ideas.  He's a wealth of knowledge and always balances art and science when it comes to making decisions.  Tate reminds me to be down to earth and to lead others by meeting them at their personality type.

Finally, to the countless teammates who've allowed me to serve them, challenged me with better ideas, excused my shortcomings, and trusted me to go deeper and further for the benefit of the workplace culture and the people we served...I'm forever grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


If you don’t grow I won’t sleep well.

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