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The problem is that everyone needs an encourager, a coach, a cheerleader; someone that's willing to have honest conversations from an outside perspective.

Todd Stach brings 25+ years of radio industry experience to help people and brands build confidence, discover their full potential, and find their competitive difference.

Imagine the feeling of more confidence being built in yourself, your team, and your brand so that you can make an even greater impact.

Todd can help you fix problems...even the ones you don't know about.

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Todd Stach will help build your confidence and guide you on that journey 

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Here's What Others Are Saying About
Todd Stach

“Todd has a gift for spotting potential. He will see the absolute best in you, and then help you see it, too. Who doesn’t want someone like that on their team?”

Hailey Reid - 104.9 the River, Music Assistant / Afternoons with Hailey & Jace

“Leading creatives is about influence, not authority. Todd is a master! He knows how to apply positive influence to my ideas and raise my game to a higher place!”

Chris "CJ" Lusk - AIR 1, Afternoons

“If you're an artist manager, label, or artist there's no one I've ever met in my twenty-three year journey in the music industry that prepares artists better for radio station visits, song feedback, and story creation than Todd Stach.  He is world class, a good friend, cares deeply about people, and has the highest level of wisdom and experience one can find.”

Jason Davis - Artist Manager & Entrepreneur, Noble Management, Radar Label Group, One One 7, Awaken Records

“Todd Stach is truly a selfless leader. Whether you're just starting out in your career or you’re a veteran in the industry, he always has sound advice to give and ways to challenge you to make you better. Without his mentorship and stressing the importance of putting listeners first in everything you do, I wouldn’t be where I am in my career today.”

Olivia Yetman - Social Media Content Strategist

“Adding Todd to our team instantly made us better.  His heart to help us think through why and how we communicate has helped our team become more effective in just a short amount of time.  He has a huge heart, years of experience, and the ability to draw the best out of us.  I'm thankful for the opportunity to work with him.”

Brian Smith - 90.7 HOPE FM/POWER 88.3, Mornings & Station Director

“Todd Stach does more than lay a foundation of focused music strategy and solid programming. He leads his team selflessly, which gives rise to a strong internal culture where creativity can flourish. He has repeatedly built brands that are centered around genuine relationships among listeners, sponsors, and talent.

Michael Russell - WayFM, Regional OD

“Todd has consistently built into our program and, particularly, into the lives of students.  Many of the students that he has mentored are serving listeners nationwide.”

Jim Leightenheimer - Cedarville University, Associate Professor

“Todd was always open to reviewing all songs from all angles.  He didn't let his personal preference interfere with what the audience wanted or with what research and consumption was saying.  I felt like he brought an open mind, was very transparent, and was quick to listen.  He truly loves and understands this format, and his passion is evident in his work.”

Meredith Leatherwood - Independent Music Promoter

“Well done at WayFM!  Thank you for all that you poured into that ministry.  You are easily one of the brightest programmers I know, and I look up to you as a great leader.”

Chad Bradley - 104.9 the River, Middays & Digital

“Todd Stach brought more transparency to the label/programming relationship than I maybe have EVER seen in our industry.  For that, and for Todd, I am very grateful.”

Chris Hauser - Independent Music Promoter

“Todd is a maximizer. Aside from being crazy talented himself, he has a great way of bringing out the best in whoever he's coaching. He's so easy to work with and has a heart for the next generation of talent.”

Brett Hager - POWER 88.3, Nights

"I think what impressed me most about Todd was that even when he was the leader, he was always the last one to talk at meetings. He believes in listening first, letting others participate in the decision-making process, and true collaboration. That’s the kind of consultant we need more of.  Todd Stach knows radio, and the artist and label world. He has a passion to grow people and organizations. He can help yours!"

Faron Dice - WayFM, VP of Ministry

"I am so grateful for the years of time Todd dedicated to helping me become a better radio talent, before I even graduated college. I was able to get an incredible job at one of the best radio stations in the country, based greatly on the amazing coaching he gave me as a student. I was also able to intern with Todd for a summer and learned so much about programming. In many ways, learning from Todd over the course of years has made me into the talent I am today."

Angela MacMurray - The Fairly Local Show, Co-Host

"Todd has the brilliant ability to meld knowledge with relationships. Using his vast industry experience, Todd is a master at equipping others with the talent necessary to feel like the biggest person in the room. I’ve seen first-hand what Todd’s leadership can do for a career. I wouldn’t be where I am without him."

Josh Evans - 104.9 the River, Afternoon Co-Host

"Worked with young bloke Stach for a quarter of a century now. He worked at a station in Cincinnati when we launched Rebecca St. James. Blow me down, many years later he helped us launch FK&C. He wasn’t an easy sell, but then came on full steam, adding their music early.  Appreciate his commitment to a Jesus perspective. Bloke gets the big picture and I love it that he's sharing his hard earned wisdom. Goodonya!"

David Smallbone - for KING & COUNTRY, Manager

“Todd is a brand guy…an idea guy…a culture guy…a loyalty guy. I love working with Todd, because he’s able to challenge your thinking and come to the best solutions for the organization. Don’t hire a “Yes” man that is going to allow you to go down the same old road. Things are changing. Work with someone that is going to help you pave over the old roads or cut new roads…whatever the challenge demands. He’s tenacious, logical and NOT status quo. I’m a big Todd Stach fan, and can’t wait to work with him again.”

Bill Montgomery - 104.9 the River, Chief Sales Officer

“Todd taught me kindness, understanding, and grace as a leader and manager.  He also taught me to have grace for myself.”

Josh Hooper - 104.9 The River, Program Director


You’ll not arrive at your full potential without giving and getting help along the way.

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