The problem is that not everyone has an encourager; someone who's willing to have honest conversations from an outside perspective.

Todd Stach brings 25+ years of radio industry experience to help people and brands build confidence, discover their full potential, and find their competitive difference.

Imagine the feeling of more confidence being built in yourself and your team so that you can make a greater impact.

​​"A spark is a person, usually an outsider, whose unique perspective...challenges the team to think differently.” 
- Beth Comstock

Need A Guide?

Programming Tune-up.
Music Strategy Evaluation.
Peer Report. 
Talent Coaching.
Culture Building. 

Todd Stach will guide & help you attract new listeners, deepen relationships, create fans, and build trust for support.

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Todd Stach
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You’ll not arrive at your full potential without giving and getting help along the way.

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